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Carolina Rivera Photographer


I am a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in NJ and available worldwide. Your photographs matter. Each and every one. My goal is that you come away from each image experiencing a feeling. Because in the end, photographs are about the emotions they hold.

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Images by Carolina Rivera

Vintage + Celtic Inspired Wedding

The moment I set my eyes on this lovely day from Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography, I could immediately feel a warmth radiating from it. The Bride's subtle, glowing smile, the love of a father giving away his sweet daughter and a groom hanging on tight to his new wife as they dance their first dance. This one, oh it's packed with pretty details too. But...


SMP New York Welcomes Our Advertisers!

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Carolina Rivera is a genius.  And by "genius" I mean that her work is BEYOND fabulous.  The kind of fabulous that will literally bring tears to your eyes the second you take in the sweet, sweet moments she is able to capture so beautifully.  And I am not kidding, lovelies.  One look at her breathtaking portfolio and you'll want to spend your entire day swooning away.  So turn off that...


Upstate Wedding from Carolina Rivera Photography

I liken my love for this beautiful Fall affair to that first cup of coffee on a lovely Monday morning.  It's pure, unadulterated bliss... a feeling that, given the chance, I would happily relive time and time again. This wedding is that first tasty sip, a rush of happiness all in one sitting with a color palette that will knock your socks off, an adorable bride and groom and one devastatingly gorgeous image after another captured by...


Harold Pratt House Wedding from Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography

Before you break out the sparkles and glitter for tonight's festivities, we've got some business to attend to. Business in the form of a wedding that is going to blow your mind. Think Rockefeller Family Dinner Party meets Global Eclectic Chic. At the gorgeous Harold Pratt House in NYC, Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography makes this one a wedding to absolutely die for. One you won't...


Jersey Shore Wedding from Studio A Images

You'd never know by looking at these pretty images by Studio A Images that the weather was insanely hot that day. We're talking 99 degrees and no a/c kinda heat. And the bride didn't even break a sweat! She stayed calm, cool and beautiful from start to finish. There's so much to love about this day but I think our favorite part was when the groom's daughter sang a special song at the ceremony. How sweet!


Central Park Wedding by Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography

With today's affair, you won't find a big reception or loads of bridesmaids; no church in sight. Simply put, it's a beautiful bride and her smitten groom in an intimate ceremony in Central Park that is bring-you-to-your-knees breathtaking. Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography captured the magic and every photograph, every ruffle of that lovely gown, every moment between newly crowned Husband and Wife is pure Wedding art.